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Choicie, a map of the world's restaurants with menus in every language

This app can make your journey, date or meeting with friends better. It helps to choose the a cafe or restaurant, translate the menu into your native language, and make an order.
We are the first of our kind! Here you can find:
Restaurant Review
Get best tips from our users and Choicie
Map with Restaurant Tags
Make simple selection by your criteria
QR Code Menu
Use fast and convenient way to create orders
Bonus Points for Clients
Spend it and get free drinks and dishes
Learn more about Choicie in one minute
Choicie is a universal menu for all restaurants.
Foreign language menus are no longer a problem.

Try new dishes when you travel or just go outside — with Choicie, you can order anything using our automatic menu translation and pictures of dishes.. Place your order on the way to the restaurant, then just show the QR code to the waiter.
And a new social network
For people who love food! Become an Influencer: add new restaurants to the city map, earn points, get followers.

Use your account to make private notes and reminders, like highlighting the dishes you liked, the ones you didn't like, and note down the food your allergic to.
How do I use Choicie?
Scan the QR code on the foreign language menu.
Get sent straight to the online version with a translation into your native language.
Choose and order one or more dishes, then show your Choicie QR code to the waiter.
Share your opinions, tips and ratings to help other Choicie users.
item-startNo more language barriers
item-start- they're in all one place
item-startNo need to install a translator - all you need is Choicie
We work with CAFÉ and restaurant owners from
Around the world
And there will be more!
Choicie is ready to work internationally. We work with customers in 8 different time zones.